My 2020 Travel Plans and Wish List

It’s that time of year again, where I find myself booking new destinations for the upcoming year as well as daydream of places and adventures I have been dying to explore. Here are the top places I am hoping to visit in 2020 (with some places confirmed):

Japan (September 2020)

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I’m happy to announce that my trip to Japan has officially been booked! Japan has long been on my bucket list (since the 6th grade), however the expenses of visiting Japan have been daunting for me as a budget traveler. Now, in light of the upcoming summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020, there have been several package deals to visit the country next year. I can not think of ringing in my 30th birthday than in a country on the top of my bucket list!


Antarctica (Tentative November 2020)

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Another daunting place to visit, both for time off as well as for the wallet. But after several months of saving, I am hoping to make this a reality and to visit all 7 continents at 30 years old. From its stunning glaciers to its cutest residents (penguins of course!) I cannot think of a more isolated and magical place to visit than Antarctica.


North Carolina

north carolina
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This past year, I’ve been strongly considering moving down to The Tar Heel State. I have lived in NH my entire life and each year, the winters become more and more unbearable. Like NH, NC also offers stunning mountains and foliage, as well as coastline for us beach lovers but with more mild winters. While I probably will not be able to move until at least 2021, I am hoping to book a long weekend and visit, to experience this beautiful state before choosing to move there.


Acadia National Park, Maine (May 2020)

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Unfortunately, Acadia seems to be on my list every year and as of today, I have yet to explore this National Park. However, I’m officially making 2020 the year I finally spend a long camping weekend throughout this park and have reserved a spot at Blackwoods Campground! Some of my bucket list items for Acadia include hiking Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise, see the famous Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, and exploring sites, including Thunder Hole and Great Long Pond.



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I am also hoping to visit this “one happy island” during a holiday weekend next year! From its stunning beaches for swimming and snorkeling to its laid back Dutch-Caribbean vibe, Aruba has been calling my name for quite some time. There is so much to see on this 19 1/2 mile long island, including the Arikok National Park to Flamingo Beach. Hopefully I can squeeze this adventure in during a holiday weekend (otherwise, it will most certainly be high priority on my bucket list for next year!).

6 responses to “My 2020 Travel Plans and Wish List”

  1. As an upcoming retiree, I am also planning my bucket list set to begin 10/8/2020!
    Asia, Australia/New Zealand and others are of particular interest.
    Also several months traveling the US like Dennis and Cindy!
    Let’s do it!!


    1. That’s amazing! Australia and New Zealand are absolutely amazing! There are so many interesting places in the US to see too!


  2. Japan! So jealous!! And Antarctica – wow! Not many people can say they’ve been to all 7 continents. Well done!


    1. Thank you!! Both places have planned out for quite some time, so really looking forward to making the dreams a reality!

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    1. Wow thank you SO MUCH!! It’s truly an honor and I appreciate the recognition!

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