72 Hours in Quebec City

As a way to say audios to a crazy 2016 and ring in the new year, my significant other and I decided to book a long weekend in Quebec City. Having a taste of Canada with our long weekend adventure in Montreal last year, Quebec City as a lure of old world charm that we couldn’t resist. Staying just outside of Old Quebec, there are plenty of places to explore that gives you a feel for European culture while staying close to home.

Chateau Frontenac

One of the major site attractions that is definitely worth a visit is the Chateau Frontenac. This castle-like hotel is one of the most photographed hotels in the world, overlooking the St Lawrence River and Dufferin Terrace. It is also a romantic place to explore with your significant other (and dare I say, maybe even be proposed to?).

It was worth trudging through the snow for a photo!

Dufferin Terrace just below this beautiful architecture is also the perfect place to wander. With spectacular views of the river, it is even more magical with everything covered in a layer of ice and snow.

Overlooking the St Lawrence River
IMG_0098 (2)
Enjoying our romantic weekend getaway
Next time, I’d love to ride a horse drawn carriage!


Rue Saint Jean is also a major gateway to Old Quebec, a section of the city we ended up spending most of our time exploring. This part of the city has a wide assortment of restaurants to satisfy any food cravings, including a variety of Irish pubs (I personally recommend Pub St Patrick). It also includes an outdoor skating rink in Place d’Youville and plenty of historic buildings.

So many places to check out, you almost forget it’s zero degrees out!
This street definitely had an old European style to it.
Figure skating has always been my favorite sport

To top off the winter festivities, Quebec City throws a pretty spectacular party to end the year. During this New Years’ celebration, Grande Allee includes outdoor bars and food stands, heated terraces, Ferris wheel, fireworks, and a concert to count down to the new year.


It’s the final count down!

File_000 (5)

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  1. Looks like a great trip!


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