New beginnings for an amateur blogger…

I’m starting my “new year’s resolution” four months early this time…after creating (and failing to commit to) two blogs a few years back, I’ve decided to finally place my fears aside, put my motivation in check, and follow my dream of creating a travel blog! The diligent student in me has been “researching” dozens of travel blogs to get a knack for this kind of hobby (or profession, for those whom are fortunate and dedicated to this success). And whether you choose to dedicate your time in making this your career, or you’re in desperate need of a new hobby (such as myself) the one thing I have gathered is you need the heart, the motivation, and the bravery to throw yourself out there and go for it!

And here is my little secret: while I may be “brave enough” to jump out of a tree and zip-line over a lake in Nicaragua or taste strange cuisine in Beijing, I am TERRIFIED of “going public” with my thoughts, fears, advice, and experiences around my travels. I’ve also considered myself a (rather private) writer and while there is some gray area between travel writing and blogging, the two still seem to be completely different species. I may be a millennial who grew up in the technology era, but the concept and style of blogging still baffles me.

But like traveling to a foreign place, isn’t that part of the fun, to feel the thrill of the unknown? How do you know you’re truly alive if you don’t feel your heart beating from both excitement and fear? Travel is all about stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Even if you fear that you aren’t considered “successful” in the blogging industry and only have two followers, why should that fear prevent you from doing something you truly enjoy?

So here’s to “coming out” and starting this new adventure! If I have at least one other person discover my blog, I will be a happy camper.

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