You Know You’re Addicted to Travel When…

I think it was a few months ago when I realized how obsessed with travel I’ve become, especially after a pandemic lockdown. I almost feel like I’ve had to make up two years of lost time! If you’re like me and you feel like you can’t slow down your wanderlust, you’ll appreciate this post! You know you’re addicted to travel when:

You have at least five different airlines’ apps downloaded on your phone.

So many travel apps.

You have a spreadsheet calculating your paid time off and maximizing your vacation days and holidays for travel opportunities.

I must have created a dozen different spreadsheets tracking my accrual of vacation time!

You combat the “Sunday scaries” by researching another potential trip.

Where to next?!

You’re a bit of a geography nerd and can name and locate an obscure country off a map.

What is Turkmenistan?

When you’re not traveling, you love to listen to podcasts, read books, and watch documentaries to get your travel fix in.

Too many good books, not enough lifetime!

You have apps such as Hopper or Skyscanner to help you track the best flight options for multiple destinations.

And in some cases, multiple dates for the cheapest option.

You have a social media account completely dedicated to your travel and adventures.

What are other ways you know that you’re addicted to travel?


2 responses to “You Know You’re Addicted to Travel When…”

  1. What a coincidence – I’ve recently become addicted to a certain facet of travel. Hint: it’s related to one of the travel apps on your phone. Details to come in my next blog post in about a week and a half… 🙂

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    1. Can’t wait to read all about it!! 🙂

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