My Bucket List Trips for My 30’s

When I was in my early 20’s, it was my goal to just travel abroad for the first time and take advantage of as many travel opportunities as possible. Now that I’m in my early 30’s, I have to say that my goal to travel as much as possible remains truer than ever. With the state of the world being so fragile these days with a never-ending pandemic, financial uncertainties, racism/hatred, and war, you never know anymore when travel will become unavailable. All conflicts aside, my youthful side of me continues to daydream of places to explore and adventures to embark on. Here are some of my top bucket list adventures I would love to experience in my 30’s.

Southwest Road Trip in the United States

Horseshoe Bend, Courtesy of

It’s truly amazing how vast the United States is! I’ve lived here my entire life but have barely seen even a quarter of the country. But since the start of the pandemic, I’ve shifted my focus on domestic travel, taking advantage of the opportunity to see more of my home country. Having only been to one US national park so far, Acadia National Park in Maine, I’m so curious to experience more of the vast nature this country has to offer! The southwest in particular has felt so mystical to me. I’m hoping to visit some of the parks someday, including the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon.

Learn to Scuba Dive Vacation

Courtesy of

This has been on my bucket list for a very long time! I’ve daydreamed of booking vacations around amazing dive sites. I just purchased a “discover scuba” class in my area through Groupon, which I’m planning to use later this spring. I’m hoping this will give me a taste of what scuba diving might be like, and hopefully something I will like to pursue for future adventures!

Visit as Many “Stan” Countries as Possible

Kazakhstan, Courtesy of

I’m hoping to at least embark on a trip to Turkmenistan, especially to visit the Darvaza Gas Crater, aka “The Gates of Hell”, in Turkmenistan, before the president officially has them extinguished. Turkmenistan made this announcement back in January, although I’m not likely to make it as they are actively working to extinguish them. But eventually, I’d love to visit at least 5 of the “Stan” countries. With its stunning range of culture and scenery, this region of Central Asia has a lot to offer, and is not a commonly visited region.

Living and Working Remotely Abroad

Having been a remote worker since the pandemic, I’m hoping to truly go “location independent” for at least a few weeks to a month to experience another country like a local and embrace the method of slower travel. I’ve had my eyes set on Medellín, Colombia for a while, with its mild climate and nomadic vibe. As long as remote work is here to stay, there are many places I’d like to experience and take my work along with me, to experience a different way of life.

Antarctica Cruise

Courtesy of

Antarctica is the last continent I have left to visit and I’m really hoping to make this dream a reality in 2023 (thanks to COVID, I’ve had this rescheduled a few times already). I’ve been saving up for this adventure for a few years now and managed to find a “cheaper” package for a 6 day cruise and fly trip (note, if you’re willing to bunk in a triple, you can find Antarctica cruises for less than $5k – it’s definitely not necessary to book a $10k trip to the frozen continent if you don’t want to!). I’m hoping to see some penguins, whales, and have the chance to mail a post card at the post office in Antarctica and get a stamp! Fingers crossed January 2023 will work out!

3 responses to “My Bucket List Trips for My 30’s”

  1. These are great goals – I hope you achieve (and blog about) them all!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woha, simply mind blowing set of destinations!

    Looks like great set of places to explore, looking at all of these stunning sceneries.

    This brings back memories on an expedition I took part in the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka in South Asia.

    I set out on a journey to explore the longest river of Sri Lanka; River Mahaweli with a group of kayakers paddling for 3 long days.

    And trust me when I say this, it was ‘heaven on earth” from lush greeneries to all the flora and fauna simply captivated me. Read the full story here,


  3. Fantastic read friend!


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