Tips for Bringing Your Pup on the Road

Warning: if you are not a dog person, then you might want to skip this post!

Like many people in the US, my husband and I ended up adopting an adorable shelter dog, Sophie, during the mist of the pandemic in 2020. And she was the best addition to our family that we could have asked for! We started taking her on small adventures close to home, then once we were both fully vaccinated, it was time to take her on some weekend road trips! Here are some tips and things I’ve learned while traveling with her on the road.

Start on smaller, day trips

One of our day trips to the beach!

Sophie’s favorite pastime is to hit the parks and trails. From smaller, flat trails, to full-fledge mountains, she loves spending her days out in nature! We started off with taking her to the parks and beaches before going on day trips and hikes! Now when we go on hikes, Sophie practically drags us up the mountain or trail. She just can’t get enough of the woods!

Pack the essentials and prepare for emergencies

I always pack an abundance of food and water, in case of emergencies, as well as some creature comforts (for Sophie, it’s her thunder shirt and a blanket from home). I also try to locate the nearest veterinary clinic to where we are going, in case of emergencies.

Look for pet friendly hotels or AirBnBs

Sophie enjoying her “own” bed at the Quality Inn! She did end up having to share it with her mumma

I always make sure the “pet-friendly” filter is selected for AirBNBs! We had a nice, cozy stay during our long weekend in the Adirondacks, and Sophie adjusted quickly being away from home! The Quality Inn is also a budget-friendly and pet-friendly hotel. We stayed at the Bangor, Maine location last spring on one of our treasure hunting adventures.

Know your dog’s limits!

At the end of the day, Sophie is a homebody (just like my husband!) and really does not prefer car rides. We’ve kept our adventures to no longer than a few days at most and no further than a few hours drive away from home. She also prefers hiking adventures over populated areas, so we craft our dog getaways around her needs. But we couldn’t think of a better road trip buddy than bringing our precious pup to join us on our adventures!

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  1. She’s a cute lucky pup!

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