Solo But Not Alone: Going Abroad with FTLO Travel

After a year and a half of staying local and social distancing, I decided to make the leap (after getting fully vaccinated) to book a trip abroad. Due to complicated matters of travel requirements based on the country, I decided to book a mostly-inclusive, short trip to Costa Rica with For the Love Of (FTLO) Travel. A tour company that focuses more on slow, sustainable travel, it was the perfect opportunity to spend a short time away while meeting like-minded people.

I’ve had mixed experiences and feelings about group travel. On the one hand, it takes a lot of the stress out of planning an adventure abroad, especially if you are not picky about setting your itinerary. However, you are at the mercy of other personalities in the group. Some group adventures have been great, with a nice variety of people from all walks of life, while others have been slightly more high maintenance and entitled.

And maybe I lucked out on this trip, but I had one of the best groups with FTLO Travel. The travel company focuses on matching roommates based on survey assessing personality types and compatibility as much as possible. It is also a millennial-based company for travelers from mid-20’s to early 40’s, with most of us being in our 30’s. FTLO is essentially a group travel company for millennial, solo travelers, who don’t typically do group travel. For someone who tends to travel solo and is a natural introvert, it can be tough to make friends abroad. However, everyone connected so well with one another, by the time we headed home, it felt like we had all known each other for much longer. I highly recommend FTLO if you are traveling on your own, want to connect with others, and have the trip mostly organized while balancing some flexibility and free days!

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  1. We’ve only been on one group travel experience and you’re right – it can be a crap shoot! So glad you had a great mix of people.

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