Maine Treasure Hunt “Level 3”: Find the Pairs (And Stuck on “Level 4”)

For the past 3 months, my husband, Sean and I have been playing Dirigo Treasures Maine, a Maine-based real-world treasure hunt gaming experience! For those just tuning in, you can learn more about how the treasure hunt and its levels here. But in a nutshell, the game involves identifying 52 locations throughout the state of Maine and visiting the locations to solve its corresponding clue. Once you have all 52 clue answers, you may proceed to Level 3 of the game (“Find the Pairs!”).

Level 3’s “Find the Pairs” involves a red & white post card. Level 3 is quite simple: Use the clues from Level 2 to translate Level 3’s text. Once translated, the Level 3 language can be used to “Find the Pairs”! We were actually able to figure out Level 3 before even finishing Level 2. We ended up with a bunch of Maine towns and nicknames, which involved some online sleuthing to figure out which nickname corresponds with each town.

Stuck on Level 4

Now, knowing what we know about the locations, clues and pairs, we are supposed to use these to decipher the paragraph for “Level 4” to find the Dirigo Stones. Well….easier said than done! Sean and I have been working the past month to try to decipher the paragraph to no avail. We’ve tried multiple types of ciphers, entering information into an Excel spreadsheet, sleuthing for hints on Facebook and Reddit, and we are still at a loss. We have seen online that the game doesn’t stop at Level 4 as advertised, but that the paragraph leads the treasure hunters to a secret website for additional levels 5-7 to find the stones (and eventually the $20K).

The impossible and mysterious paragraph

About once a week for the past month, we’ve felt invigorated to spend all night going down the Dirigo Treasures rabbit hole. But after about 1,000 miles of driving around the state, we’re feeling pretty burnt out from the game. We’ve been hesitant to ask for help but are now welcoming anyone who wants to provide any hints (or collaborate). While we’re not sure if we’ll make it past Level 4 before the treasure is found, we’re not completely giving up just yet!

One response to “Maine Treasure Hunt “Level 3”: Find the Pairs (And Stuck on “Level 4”)”

  1. Any luck yet? My wife and I just got to level 4 tonight and I don’t think her methods are gonna work…


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