Maine Treasure Hunt “Level One”: Identiyfing The Maine Locations

My husband and I are on a quest to find hidden treasure buried somewhere in the beautiful state of Maine ($20,000 to be exact!). Dirigo Treasures Maine has taken the fun of a scavenger hunt to a whole new level as well as encouraging those to get out there and explore some beautiful places. To learn more about how this treasure hunt game is played, check out my previous post for more information!

Level One: Identify the Maine location of each card

The last 5 cards we’re stumped on!

We spent Friday night into the wee hours of the morning going through the cards and researching for their locations (do we know how to party or what?). Every card includes a picture of a famous landmark, monument or icon, either well-known externally or locally. We actually recognized some of these landmarks from our New England road trip back in the fall!

I never realized how huge of a state Maine is!

Figuring out these locations really put our Google skills and knowledge of Maine to the test. Atlas Obscura was also a great resource to browse through quirky Maine locations. For those reading who are not familiar with Atlas Obscura, I highly recommend going down this rabbit hole! Out of 52 card locations, we are completely stumped on the last 5. We’ve decided to continue trying to brainstorm other ways to figure these out while hitting the road for the rest. After writing down each location, we started pinpointing each location on Map Customizer to start planning our road trips! Since we’re not centrally located, visiting each region of Maine involves strategic planning for our upcoming weekends. It’ll take us a few weekends to break up traveling all over the state, in which the prize may have already been found. But it’s about the journey, not the destination!

One of the card locations we visited last fall!

We started in southern Maine (stay tuned for a future post!) and plan to make our way up the coast, to start! Most of the locations are places I’ve never been, with some I’ve never even heard of. We are looking forward to exploring more of our neighboring state!

5 responses to “Maine Treasure Hunt “Level One”: Identiyfing The Maine Locations”

  1. Just curious if you figured out your last five locations. I have three of the five that you have that are driving me crazy! It’s fun though.


    1. It’s a lot of fun! I figured out all but one location (for the 8 of hearts). If you have that location, let me know if you want to trade for another location ;D


      1. I know the location of the 8 of hearts if you haven’t already figured it out! I’ll trade for 3 of diamonds, 3 of hearts or J of spades!


      2. Are you still hunting? We just got the cards this last Christmas. I see you had everything except the 8 of 💕 I’m stuck with several too. Good luck.


  2. Kristian and Susan I still need a few but willing to help you with the ones you may not have.


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