Bucket List Adventures to Take in Your 20’s

As I wrap up the last few days of my 20’s (I turn 30 tomorrow…eek!), I’ve been reflecting on my adventures in my 20’s and what my adventures might look like for the next decade to come. While you can take these types of trips any time in life, there is something quite magical about experiencing these types of adventures in your 20’s!

Volunteer Abroad

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back to others and communities of need. Volunteering in Nicaragua at 21 opened my horizons to different cultures and privileges and first world comforts we take for granted. Do your research to make sure the volunteer organization is truly helping and contributing, avoiding a colonialism approach, and is sustainable.

Celebrate New Year’s in another country

One of my favorite New Year’s events was counting down in Quebec City (even in the freezing temperatures) with musicians and performers singing and shouting in French! What better way to kick start your New Year’s resolutions of traveling more than to ring in the new year somewhere new!

Road Trip with your favorite companion(s)!

Renting a car and hitting the road can be an affordable option when splitting it with your travel buddies! A road trip can also be one of the best ways to visit certain places, such as Iceland and other remote places. Renting a car also provides your trip to be flexible and spontaneous.

Backpacking or any trip that’s “roughing” it or out of your comfort zone

Luxury trips can be a great way to restore and relax. However, for me personally, they aren’t the most memorable. My strongest travel memories are times when I either went out of my comfort zone or took a “risk”. I also got to know myself a lot better during my first few truly solo adventures abroad, spending so much time with myself and my thoughts. Whether it’s a solo trip, backpacking, camping, or “roughing it” type of adventure, you become exposed to individuals and experiences you may not otherwise have been exposed to!

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