How to Cope with Cancelled Travel Plans

Well, I finally bit the bullet and cancelled all of my international travels that had been pre-booked for 2020. Japan and Colombia will have to wait until at least sometime in 2021. It’s disappointing to say the least. And it can be challenging to feel excited about traveling again, due to the unknown with the pandemic. While there are a few countries starting to re-open to American travelers, the question is whether it is truly safe to travel internationally again. Dependent on where you live (especially in the United States), even local travel can be dangerous. I know for me, living in New Hampshire, I’m just starting to feel “comfortable” with socially distanced adventures to neighboring states of Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. But if you’re like me and have been feeling sad and “stir crazy” these past few months, here are some tips on how to cope with cancelled plans and to move forward with creating new ones.

Take the time to accept your emotions to be angry/upset/disappointed


I’m not going to lie, I was extremely disappointed to cancel my Japan trip. I was really looking forward to turning 30 in another country and have been wanting to go to Japan since I was in middle school. Honestly, I still feel sad about it that I won’t be going next month. But you know what, it’s okay to grieve your lost travel plans. 2020 has been a challenging year for most and it is okay to embrace your feelings.

Make a list of actionable items to achieve your travel goals


Before the pandemic, some people used to ask me how I afford to travel. And honestly, it’s because I make it a priority by making a list of goals and budget to achieve my travel goals. I reduce how often I buy coffee, order takeout, and spend on shopping sprees. Of course this depends on your unique situation, but even setting aside a few dollars a week or giving up a luxurious habit can add up over time.

Start small with local adventures in your area


This time of travel “lock down” can be restless for us all. But I’ve been taking this as an opportunity to explore at home and locally! Whether it’s kayaking in my own “backyard”, renting a surfboard for the day, or taking socially distanced day trips and road trips has been a great way for me to help with the travel bug.

Start daydreaming! It’s never too early to start planning an epic getaway!

IMG_3017 (2)

Whether it happens during 2021 or 2022 at this point, I’m still planning an epic adventure to Antarctica, while hopefully adding a trek through Patagonia afterwards! It’s never too early to start planning an epic dream getaway or lifestyle change as a digital nomad! Some excursions even require or prefer to be booked out at least a year in advance, such as Antarctica or even some safaris. And the planning and anticipation of an upcoming trip is almost as enjoyable as going on the trip itself!

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  1. Sorry for your cancelled plans. It really stinks.


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