My 2018 Travel Plans and Wish List


I can’t believe we’re already two months into 2018. I have already started planning my major yearly trip as well as have a few smaller trips in mind for some mini vacations and long weekend getaways. I was fortunate enough to have traveled more often than ever in 2017, so I’m hoping to continue to travel to several new locations (especially on a budget)! Here are some places I have plans to travel to as well as some I hope to arrange and visit in the near future!


New Zealand

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This island country has been one of the top places to visit on my bucket list for quite some time. So once a Groupon deal that allows for travel to both New Zealand and Australia became available, I couldn’t resist and booked my tickets! I’m only at this beautiful country for four nights and days, but plan to make the most of my time and see as much as possible.

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I will be staying in Auckland throughout my stay and some major attractions that are on my agenda include the Sky Tower (and possibly climbing and/or jumping off the tower) and a day trip to Hobbiton from the Lords of the Rings and Hobbit movies.



Sydney aerial
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A part of my Groupon deal is spending eight days in the great country and continent of Australia! My time will be divided between relaxing at the Gold Coast and wandering the city of Sydney. Not only do I plan to visit the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House, I also hope to spend some time at the beaches, learning to surf from a local Aussie and snorkel in the Pacific Ocean.


San Francisco

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The Groupon package for Australia and NZ included airfare departing from San Francisco. What better way than to head out a day early and have the opportunity to explore another major city? The Golden Gate Bridge, a ferry tour to Alcatraz, and visiting the secret tiled staircase are a few places I have in mind to explore.



Chicago Urban Cityscape along the Chicago River
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Some of my family members will be moving to Indianapolis this upcoming spring, which happens to be only two and a half hours away from Chicago. I’m hoping to go out on a road trip this summer to visit them and not only visit their new home and Indianapolis, but explore the Windy City as well. The architecture alone is enough to intrigue me to spend a day at this metropolis as well as try some deep dish pizza.


Nova Scotia

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Approximately a 10 hour drive from home, Nova Scotia in the summertime is most certainly worth the drive. I’d love to spend a long weekend camping up there in the summertime, exploring Cape Breton National Park, Cabot Trail, and Halifax waterfront.



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It’s still to be determined whether we can pull this off this year, or if this will have to wait until next year, but me and my fiancee have been dreaming of eloping to Ireland. I’d love to get married overlooking the Cliffs of Moher and spend our honeymoon on the road visiting castles and pubs. We’d also like to get married on our anniversary date in October and although it is one of the rainiest months in Ireland, it will make for some interesting photos and experiences! 🙂


Where do you plan or want to travel to in 2018?


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