Boston Bound! A Day in Beantown

Whenever I am “in between” my annual trips abroad, I am constantly searching for remote locations to travel to, that are still “far enough” away from home. As I anxiously wait for my 8 day trip to Iceland to come around, weekend trips are necessary in order to feed my wanderlust. Where Boston is now just an hour and a half train ride away, why not visit this lovely New England city?

2016-03-05 11.18.44.jpg
Just arrived! Hanging out at the TD Garden

Of course a day is not enough to explore all of the wonderful activities and available sight seeing that Boston has to offer. And of course we departed on this day trip back in March, which was too cold to participate in well-known activities such as the duck tours. But despite the cold, Boston is a very fun city to wander around with no plans in mind! Here are a few of the things and sites we explored during our day trip to Boston:

  1. New England Aquarium & Harbor Outside the Aquarium
I’m happiest near the water

No matter how old I get, I will always enjoy visiting the New England aquarium! A fun place to go for families, couples, marine biologists, animal lovers, and the kids at heart alike, this center is a fun place to visit any time of year.

2016-03-05 12.26.48.jpg
This “little” guy is always my favorite to visit!
Trying to pet a stingray haha
Isn’t he cute?!

2. Fanuel Hall/Quincy Market


Now I’m not the biggest shopper personally, but I do love to window shop in new places from time to time. Clean, historical, and full of culture, this part of downtown Boston has points of interest for everyone!

It was surprisingly not that busy wandering Quincy Market and Fanuel Hall

3. Hard Rock Cafe

A place with good food, good drinks, and good music
Random music memorabilia…with Rob Zombie’s jeans in the middle!!

While pretty expensive, eating a meal at any hard rock cafe can be a fun experience! This was my first time ever at a hard rock cafe, and now I’m planning to make it my travel mission to visit various cafes around the globe!

The electric blue…dangerously delicious

Additional city wanderings included getting  lost in various parks and wandering aimlessly in random streets!


I found this building in particular rather fascinating!




Overall, I’d say Boston is one of my favorite cities to visit! While I have been to Boston several times, this day trip in particular was the third time I have spent a day wandering around this lovely city.



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