My 2016 Travel List

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I cannot believe that 2016 is here to stay! With an entire new year ahead, it’s time to start planning some destinations to visit throughout 2016! Unfortunately, due to academic commitments (I’ll be finishing my last year of graduate level courses this year), I will not be able to travel abroad as much as I would like. However, there are plenty of places up here in the northeast that I have yet to explore, as well places I would like to return to. Here is my list of places I would like to visit sometime this year:

  1. Montreal, Canada
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I can proudly say that travel plans to Montreal is confirmed with accommodations booked and ready to go! I’ve been wanting to take a road trip up north to this lovely city for quite some time now, and despite living relatively close, I have never made it up to good ole’ Canada.

Luckily, a few months ago, I convinced my wonderful boyfriend, Sean to get his passport and join me on a three day weekend to experience Montreal En Lumiere in February! Besides seeing what this festival has to offer, plans for this long weekend include exploring the underground city, go ice skating at an outdoor rink, and warming up with a cup of coffee at a local cafe.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

One of my favorite areas of Boston, right near the aquarium

Another metropolitan area that I live relatively close to, yet do not frequent enough. It’s been almost four years since I last wandered this city; exploring Chinatown, visiting the Boston Aquarium, and just wandering aimlessly throughout the city are a few of my favorite activities to do in this wonderful city.

3. New York City, New York

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I can’t even fathom how I have lived up in the northeast region my entire life and have never adventured my way to NYC (and no, hanging out in JFK before my flight to Shanghai does not count!). With its culture and vibrant nightlife, NYC has something to offer for everyone. Some activities and places to see on my bucket list include the Statue of Liberty (no trip to NYC would be complete without!), seeing a Broadway play (preferably either Wicked, The Lion King, or Phantom of the Opera), and to simply wander Time Square.

4. Acadia National Park, Maine


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I’m hoping to escape to this lovely landscape for Labor day weekend for a long weekend camping adventure. With its stunning landscapes and coastal location, hiking, kayaking, and swimming will definitely be in order.

5. Iceland (pretty much everywhere in the country!)

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It seems like travel bloggers alike have been venturing off to the land of fire and ice.  And after countless hours of browsing through images of this beautiful island online (while I should be working), I can certainly see why! From its stunning waterfalls and landscapes to the Nordic culture, Iceland can be seen as a traveler’s paradise! While not officially confirmed (yet!), travel plans are in the works for a visit to this lovely country in May with some travel buddies. Stay tuned for a separate bucket list of all the places to see and things I would like to do in Iceland!

What’s on YOUR 2016 travel bucket list?


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