A Year in Review: My Top 10 Adventures of 2015



As the year comes to an end, I like to reflect on all of the things I’ve accomplished throughout the year, as well as the adventures I’ve embarked on. 2015 was no disappointment, in terms of traveling and new experiences for me, and has been the most adventurous year I’ve had to date. Here’s a list of my top 10 places and adventures I had for 2015:

10. Visiting Lake Champlain (Burlington, Vermont)

Even the cloudy day couldn’t remove this lake’s charm and beauty

While I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked, I was lucky enough to explore and wander through downtown Burlington and visit Lake Champlain, during my sister’s bachelorette party!

The “Greenosaurus” made completely out of recyclable bottles outside of the science museum in Burlington, right on Lake Champlain!


9. Exploring one (of four) Ice Castles in the US! (Lincoln, New Hampshire)

Glowin’ in the dark; somebody spent a lot of time and talent creating this gem

Who knew that one of the four ice castles in the entire US would be stationed near my homeland? This beauty was definitely a popular tourist attraction up in the white mountains this past winter. Located right off Exit 32 in Lincoln, this beautiful sculpture had the option to be explored either during the day or night. My boyfriend and I chose to explore this fortress during the evening, where all of the wintery magic came to life. Warm clothes and hot chocolate was most certainly needed for this adventure.

Hanging out with my buddy Olaf from “Frozen” inside the castle!
It was so slippery walking on ice and snow, my boyfriend had to hold me up during this picture!


8. Camping out in the backwoods of Central Maine near the Lakes Region (Kokotosi Campground, Raymond, Maine)

Nothing like fresh air therapy to make you feel alive!

An annual adventure I look forward to, for the past three years now, spending a week unplugging and camping out in rural Maine. Pitching a tent overlooking the lovely Crescent Lake, this beautiful campground has plenty to do for everyone!

The double rainbow we saw outstretched over Crescent Lake (although you only see one in this picture)!
Nothing like being at peace with nature


7. Zip-ling through the New England fall foliage (White Mountains, NH)

I’m at my happiest with my feet off the ground!

There’s something exhilarating about swinging 50 plus feet up in the air through the trees! While this was my 4th time zip-lining (twice in NH and twice in Nicaragua), this was my first experience doing so during the lovely autumn season. Besides hiking, I cannot think of a better way to enjoy New Hampshire’s lovely foliage!


6. Wandering Around York Beaches, Zoo, and Coastal Town (York, Maine)

Short Sands Beach off York Beach, Maine

York Beach has a particular, coastal New England charm throughout its beaches and town. A little less touristy than Hampton Beach, York has a small-town atmosphere to it. Visitors have the option to explore both short sands beach, next to York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo and several restaurants, or long sands beach, with an elongated boardwalk.

Testing out my new GoPro camera off Long Sands Beach in York!
Flirting with the zebra guarding York’s Wild Kingdom!


5. Coasting along the Canal in Suzhou, China

A Strangely Beautiful Community

The city of Suzhou is known to be referred to as “the Venice of the East” and I can see why after cruising down the canal. There’s a sort of eerie beauty to this canal, as well as a vibrant community surrounding the river itself.

Heading towards one of the local markets right off the canal
The most unique boat I’ve ever sailed in!


4. Wandering the streets of Salem during the Halloween season (Salem, Massachusetts)

My new friend needs to put on some weight…he’s all bones!

My second adventure to Salem, yet my first time wandering around during the daytime! Salem is filled with all sorts of delights, such as some of the dark history of the town to the goofy costumes seen worn by dozens of locals and visitors alike!


3. Cruise along Pudong on the Huangpu River (Shanghai, China)

We had the best view of the Pearl Tower from our cruise, known as the Eiffel Tower of the East!

In my opinion, this cruise was one of the best ways to explore the city of Shanghai at night! This city has such a vibrant night life and colorful atmosphere with its bright neon lights.

We had our goofy, American tourist smiles on!


2  Skydiving over New Hampshire and Southern Maine (Skydive NE, ME)

Swoopware 0086
The ultimate adrenaline rush!

If you were to have told me a few years ago that I would be jumping 14,000 feet out of an airplane, I would have thought you were crazy! But that’s exactly what I did for my 25th birthday! There’s nothing like free falling at about 120 mph with an incredible view of NH’s lakes region!


  1. Climbing the Great Wall of China (Beijing, China)
Another awesome adventure to cross off the bucket list!

An experience that was nothing but eventful, my visit to the Great Wall included having dozens of pictures taken of me, including one holding a child! Something that I’ve always wanted to do, I can proudly say that I have climbed the Great Wall, one of the wonders of the world!

So cheers to an eventful 2015! I hope 2016 is filled with many more epic adventures!


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